Wednesday, March 31, 2010

March 31st, Showers, Mountain snows and maybe a thunderstorm

The mountains certainly look nice with their white tops. They could see some more snow again today as we will continue to have showers moving northeast across the area while bringing rain and occasional hail to the lower elevations, and, there is still that chance of a thunderstorm. The upper level feature causing the showers moves east tonight so decreased activity tomorrow during the day but, more rain returns Thursday night then the associated cold front pushes inland Friday. This will bring strong winds to the coast along with moderate rain again, then, the snow levels drop once more. After the front passes, more showers are likely, adding to the mountain snows. These persist into Saturday and another feature causes more rain and showers on Sunday. If your travel plans include the passes today or this weekend, two things, you can expect to see snow down to 1500’ again with icy spots on the road at night in the passes. Good news though, ODOT, along with the state of Washington, have extended the studded tire season until 12:01am April 11th.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

March 30th, 2010; Rain, Hail, Thunderstorms, Snow, spring is in the air!

I forget, I did say it was spring right? Cool and unstable air continues to move across the area causing showers and giving us a threat of daytime thunderstorms and hail. The snow level is down around 1500-2000’ and the Cascades remain under a Winter Storm Warning. A check of the temperatures in the area of the passes this morning ranges between 32 and 37 deg. The radar shows more showers offshore moving in our direction so we can definitely expect more showers today, and with the low snow level, snow in the passes is not out of the question. The passes will likely be a few degrees cooler tonight so, snow and ice are definately a concern. When all is said and done for this event, between today and tomorrow (yes, more tomorrow!), we could see 1-3” of snow in the Coast Range and, a reminder, the stud season expired April 1st.

So, more showers tomorrow then Thursday a short break during the day but we can expect another relatively strong system to bring rainy and breezy conditions, along with some snow for the mountains, back to the area Thursday night with the cold front itself moving through Friday. As has been the pattern, more showers after the front lasting into Saturday then the next system is expected on Easter Sunday! And for next week, the active weather pattern continues!

Monday, March 29, 2010

March 29th Weather Update

A strong front has come ashore this morning causing strong winds and periods of heavy rain. Winds overnight reached 70 mph in some coastal cities and we have received 1-1.5” locally and about 3.5” along the Coast Range. We can expect a few more surges of moderate, occasionally heavy, rain along with some gusty winds during the morning, but not as strong as last night. This will continue through mid morning, then, become more showery around noon. East of us, the Cascades continue to have a Winter Storm Warning and they can expect the snow levels to drop more as the front passes them, down to 2,000’-3,500’. Later today the Coast Range could possibly see a flurry but nothing significant. Thunderstorms are also a possibility as the cold air aloft is quite unstable. So the forecast is for the rain to turn to showers later today, a thunderstorm or two are possible later today and tonight. These showers will continue into Tuesday and possibly into Wednesday. By Thursday the shower activity decreases but this break is brief as another strong system is expected to bring more rain and winds to the coast by Thursday night lasting into Friday with showers Saturday and Sunday.

Advisories, Watches and Warning
-High Wind Warning has been canceled
-Gale Warning until 8pm today for the coastal waters

Sunday, March 28, 2010

March 28th, 2010, Strong front expected

The models show a strong front pushing towards the Oregon coast for late tonight into Monday morning bringing pleany of moisture and strong winds. The snow level will be dropping to the Cascade pass levels and they are looking at a Winter Storm Watch for their area. For us though, we could see winds from the south 30-40 with gust to 70-80 possible along the beaches and highlands along with 2-4" of rain. This will cause the rivers to rise but as they are still relatively low they should still remain a couple feet below action stage for this event. The strongest winds and heaviest rain should develop later this evening then decrease around sunrise.


High Wind Watch this evening thru Monday morning
Storm Watch from 7pm thru late tonight for the coastal waters.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

March 27th, High Wind Advisory

Nice weather today but the upper level ridge is moving off to the east today and a strong cold front will start pushing into the area tomorrow. We can expect wetter and cooler weather the rest of the week also.

So, rain after 11pm tonight, becoming breezy, 10-20 gusts to 25. More rain tomorrow with increasing winds on Sunday night, southerly 25-35 gusting to 50. The NWS Issued a High Wind Watch for the area from Sunday evening thru Monday morning, south winds 30-40 gusts to 65 along the beaches and highlands.

Friday, March 26, 2010

March 26th Weather

A disturbance that caused the showers this morning has moved off to the east and so now we should have decreasing shower activity the rest of the morning. Tonight high pressure builds in and though we start out with some clouds tomorrow, they should dissipate and we will still see a fair amount of sun by the afternoon tomorrow. Tomorrow evening the clouds start returning ahead of the next system that moves in early Sunday morning then another system brings more rain early Monday morning. A stronger system is expected Monday night which could bring lots of rain and winds, 2-3” and winds 50-60mph along the beaches possible. Lingering showers last into Wednesday.