Friday, July 30, 2010

More of the same

I know I sound like a stuck record but, we are still talking about the weak upper level trough off our coast that has caused the persistent morning clouds and drizzle. The trough will start to move east this weekend but don’t get to excited, it will stall over us so the weather pattern will remain about the same. Again, the only variation is what time does the sun peek through, how breezy will the afternoon be and will there be morning drizzle. Oh, and with the trough over us we will likely be a couple degrees. Look for highs in the low to mid 60s and lows around 51.

I hope to see you tomorrow for the pancake breakfast at the Air Museum, 7am-11am, the proceeds of which benefit the Special Olympics. After that you can hang out at the Northwest Classics where you can see Classic Cars, Classic Motorcycles, and Classic Planes, until 5pm, there will even be a Classic Weather Forecaster there for part of the day.


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wednesdays Update - No Change

As promised, a weak upper level trough continues to hang off the coast, giving us an onshore flow that is pushing the low clouds and cooler marine air well inland. The trough is forecasted to finally move on to the east Friday but it will just be replaced by another so the typical summertime pattern will remain into next week. The only variation will be how thick or thin the layer is daily, which drives how much afternoon sun we get. So, the repeating forecast, some sun breaks this afternoon but the clouds and drizzle return tonight, tomorrow looks pretty much the same except we may not see as much (if any) sun. Friday becomes mostly cloudy then starting this weekend on into the beginning of next week, mostly cloudy, a little warmer, highs in the upper 60s, lows around 50.


Monday, July 26, 2010

This Week's Weather

A foggy, drizzly and somewhat cool start for the day thanks to yet another upper level trough off the coast, combined with an upper level low that is moving into Northern California this morning. The result, an enhanced marine layer (clouds) along the coast that will give us some moisture, in the form of light drizzle, in the early morning hours today and tomorrow and possibly Wednesday and Thursday as the trough drifts towards the coast Wednesday and Thursday and the low over California drifts northward through the valley. Actually, the long range models suggest the trough will take until the weekend to push through. So, all that to say…not much changing, cloudy nights and mornings, a chance of misty drizzle in the mornings, with some patches of sun in the afternoon, highs this week in the mid to upper 60s, lows hanging near 50.

Don’t forget to turn on your lights while driving in reduced visibility and rain.
And…stay safe!


Friday, July 23, 2010

TGIF Forecast

The clouds are burning back nicely this morning with high pressure building in that will dominate the weather all weekend. We are forced to endure mostly sunny days with highs in the low 70s and mostly clear nights, lows in the low 50 through at least Sunday. The temperatures over in the valley will be quite warm, 90s with isolated pockets of near 100 which means we will be quite breezy with afternoon gust to near 30. As for next week, another weak trough sets up off the coast so…back to an onshore marine flow bringing cloudy nights with the usual sun breaks in the afternoon, highs in the upper 60s and lows near 50.


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Nice weekend in store

We can expect the onshore flow to continue to push the marine layer in through the rest of this week. This means more nighttime and morning clouds with some sun in the afternoon along with the usual breezy evenings. Today will be an exception as we had a disturbance move through earlier and have another expected to move near the area late tonight into tomorrow morning so the clouds will have difficulty burning back today and we might see a spot of drizzle overnight and tomorrow morning as it moves to our north. Friday high pressure builds back in so for those that asked that the weather be nice for the weekend’s activities, here you go. Expect slightly warmer conditions with less cloudiness beginning Friday and lasting into the beginning of next week. Weekend afternoon temperatures in the low 70s with nighttime lows in the low 50s. If you are headed into the valley over the weekend, dress appropriately, temps could be rather warm over there! ENJOY ALL!


Monday, July 19, 2010

Little change this week

Not a lot of change in the forecast…what you saw last week you will mostly see again this week. A trough that sat off the coast last week finally moved off, to be replaced by a high today that moves off tonight and gets replaced by yet another trough that sits off the coast again so…more cloudy nights and mornings followed by sun breaks in the afternoons. The only variation is exactly what time the marine layer, and clouds, burns back to the coastline. Highs this week dance around 70 while lows hang down near 50.


Thursday, July 15, 2010

Stuck in a pattern

A relatively shallow marine layer out there this morning means another nice afternoon, sunny but cool. A trough sets up residence off the coast tonight causing a stronger marine push starting tonight so thickening clouds overnight and continued cool temperatures, according to the models this is the pattern into the middle of next week. An easy and persistent forecast, cloudy nights and mornings, some clearing back to the coastline in the afternoons, the usual breezy conditions in the evenings, and cool temperatures. Daytime highs running near 70, nighttime lows around 50. DONE!


Monday, July 12, 2010

This Weeks Forecast - 7/12/10

An upper level disturbance to our north is causing a strong onshore flow in our area which will continue into tomorrow. This is causing the marine layer to thicken and causing considerable cloudiness and cooling the temperatures over the region. We are also seeing patchy light rain and drizzle over the area. The clouds may break up some this afternoon but will return quickly tonight. Conditions will start improving tomorrow afternoon as the upper level system moves off to the east, so slightly warmer with increasing sun in the afternoon tomorrow. Wednesday on it appears high pressure builds back in but with a persistent on shore flow the temperatures hold near the 70 degree mark so expect partly cloudy skies, mild temperatures with breezy afternoons for the remainder of the week. I will mention the extended models are sending mixed signals so we will have to watch the night/morning stratus and fog along the coast if any disturbances make it over the area.


Friday, July 9, 2010

TGIF Forecast

The summertime pattern continues, morning stratus and fog from the marine layer, and partly cloudy to clear afternoon with a westerly breezy. The layer was thinner this morning so will clear out sooner, which bumps the temperature up a few degrees from yesterday. A weak disturbance will increase the onshore flow tonight through tomorrow so increased clouds and later clearing equals slightly cooler temps for the weekend. Your “Back-to-Work” forecast for next week, it now looks like the disturbance will be slow to move out the area on Monday into Tuesday so, with the enhance marine layer being pushed in further, temperatures will strain to reach 70 and the thicker marine layer may give us some light drizzle, especially Monday and Tuesday mornin GMgs. After Tuesday the extended forecast looks better, less clouds, more sun!


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A HOT one!

Strong High Pressure continues to dominate our weather. Today should be our warmest with the highs around 90, even hotter inland. This has prompted the National Weather Service to issue a Heat Advisory for Inland and the Coast Range areas from 10am today thru 9pm tomorrow. If you work outside, remember to wear your sunscreen, drink plenty of fluids, and take frequent breaks. If you go shopping, DO NOT leave you children or pets unattended in the car. On a day like today, when parked in direct sunlight, the inside of your car can reach 131-172 deg. in only 15 minutes. Tomorrow will be even hotter for the inland areas, for Tillamook and coastal areas though, tomorrow afternoon a weak onshore flow returns so we will not be as hot. Friday the temperature should only…”only” be in the 70s with the coastal marine clouds and patch fog creeping back during the night and early morning hours. Beyond that, little change…mostly clear skies after the morning marine layer burns off, highs near 70, lows in the upper 50s through Tuesday.


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Hot and Dry next few days

Some patchy early morning fog thanks to clear skies overnight which resulted from the strong high pressure building in over the area. This high pressure will dominate the weather for the next week and will keep us dry and warm into the weekend. Today the flow will turn to the northeast and become gusty allowing the temperatures to climb to the low 80s today, and up near 90 tomorrow. The warmest day looks to be tomorrow with an afternoon seabreeze cooling things down some from Thursday on. The NWS may issue a Heat Advisory all the way to the coast tomorrow but bad news for the valley, the heat will hang with them all week with the temperatures staying in the 90s, with the hottest day for them being Wednesday and Thursday (mid to upper 90s). Anyway, for us, Thursday on look for an afternoon westerly seabreeze to kick in and keep things down in the lower 70s through the beginning of next week along with clear to partly cloudy skies.

Bottom line, for those that work outside, take extra precautions today and especially tomorrow with the heat…as in, take frequent breaks, drink plenty of fluids and wear sunscreen.


Friday, July 2, 2010

Summers coming!

Cloudy and cool again today thanks to another disturbance moving towards the area this morning giving us showers into the afternoon. Winds today a little breezy, westerly 5-10 becoming 10-15 gusting to 20 as the disturbance moves through. Tomorrow, upper level disturbances continue to pass through but are much weaker and with little moisture available, we should see little more than some additional mid and high clouds passing through. A ridge starts to build in late tomorrow to help warm things up for the 4th (Sunday) but there will still be some clouds hanging around and at least one model shows some light precipitation from one final disturbance pushing through the ridge on Sunday night into Monday morning. As for Monday and the rest of next week, each model run builds the high pressure in even more which means even higher temperatures. So, Monday temps start out in the low 70s and by Wednesday, our temperature could actually reach 80. Wednesday and/or Thursday would be the warmest days but the whole week looks sunny, warm and dry. We need to watch for the marine layer to push in later next week which would bring in cooler air and nighttime clouds, we’ll probably be ready by then anyway!


Thursday, July 1, 2010

Early, but detailed 4th Forecast

I’ve had a few special inquiries about July 4th so I thought I would send out this “special” forecast. Currently we have one of a series of disturbances moving through the area giving us some light rain over the area, which will continue until late this evening. Another disturbance will push through tomorrow morning which will keep us cloudy and cooler for Friday, other weaker disturbances will move through on Saturday but with less moisture available there is only a slight chance of any precipitation.

And the important and detailed Independence Day forecast which I will guarantee through at least tomorrow morning, mostly cloudy with about a 20% chance of showers when as the weak disturbances move through, exact times are difficult to determine. The cloud heights will be around 2,500’ during the day, dropping down to around 1,500’ that evening, the clouds will likely increase during the late evening and night with the marine layer pushing in. The early morning lows around 50 and afternoon highs in the upper 60s. Winds from the northwest becoming 10-15 during the afternoon, gusting to 25 in the late afternoon and evening.

And in cast you haven’t heard, next week – summer! Partly cloudy skies and warmer Monday, lots of sun and even warmer on Tuesday and by Wednesday, clear skies, temperature 75-80 here and in the valley, around 90. ENJOY!