Friday, February 4, 2011

Changes in the works!

So...I have started a new webpage ( and this includes a blog ( I thank everyone for the interest in this and in the Facebook page, "Gordon's Tillamook Weather Center". If you don't follow that is a good source of information about road conditions as well as weather, while I post information about weather and roads and anything else important to safety, you too can do the same. This gets more eyes into more parts of the county and helps eveyone that may be traveling our roads. At any rate, the webpage will have the current daily forecast and I will use the blog to update you on happenings though this is all new and fluid so...look things over, let me know what you think in the guestbook or hit the email link and drop me a line.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

No shadow for Punxsutawney Phil today!

The winds died down last night so it only dropped down to 30 degrees this morning, right now it’s 32. We also get one more day of “nice” before a threat of rain returns. So, the offshore winds will continue to weaken today and tonight will be another chilly, near-freezing, night. Tomorrow becomes mostly cloudy by the afternoon with about a 30% chance of rain developing as a weak front passes to the north. Friday we’re looking at cloudy, still with a 30% chance of rain which increases to 50% Saturday as another disturbance moves across the area. Sunday the chance of rain begins to decrease and by Monday, high pressure builds back in giving us cool and dry thru about midweek. Highs 50-55, lows 40-45, cooling some next week.

For the record, there is a Winter Weather Warning for ALL of the northeast who are looking at another 14” of snow, so, the groundhog will NOT see his shadow today.

Happy Groundhog Day!


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Coldest night tonight with freezing temperatures expected!

That east wind is noticeable now, especially with the temperatures in the upper 30s which makes it feel like about 30 out there! The winds will continue today and tonight, high today near 50 and then the low tonight in the mid 20s to low 30s but with the wind the windchill will be in the teens. This is all compliments of a cold high pressure area that is sliding to out northeast but some of that cold air is blowing through the Gorge and into the valley then continuing over the Coast Range to the coast. Tomorrow the winds decrease so the temperatures start to moderate tomorrow night with the lows 30 to 35 then Thursday, we start out with some sun but then the clouds move in along with a threat of rain as the ridge weakens allowing a series of weak disturbances to ride over the top of the ridge into Friday and Saturday. As for the long range models, although there is some confusion in the models, they appear to suggest another cold east wind setting up the beginning of next week. Until then the highs run 50-55 with lows 45-50.


Monday, January 31, 2011

Cold mornings coming!

Some chilly nights in store for the next few….mornings. High pressure is building to our north that will bring east winds across the area later today, pulling in some cold air using the 50-60 mph winds blowing through the Gorge area by later tomorrow. This cold air will pile up in the valley and spill into the coastal areas lowering nighttime temperatures, along with the clear skies, into the upper 20s and low 30s thru Thursday morning. With east winds in the Coast Range and along the coast of 15-20 occasionally gusting to near 25, it will feel like the teens in the early morning hours, especially Wednesday around daybreak. As a side note, with the dew point in the 20s the air will be very dry during the day when the temperatures are up near 50, that puts the relative humidity down around 30%. This scenario could also cause a problem over in the valley, similar to last week, where the NWS issued an Air Stagnation Advisory as the air is trapped under an inversion.

Thursday the high pressure appears to push off to the east allowing an onshore flow to return as a weaker upper level disturbance moves across giving us a slight chance of rain through the weekend. Temperatures would also return to a more seasonable level, with highs in the mid 50s and lows around 40.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Cold front means cooler temperatures.

We have a weak cold front gradually moving east today, giving us periods of light rain. The front will pretty much stall over the area thru tomorrow but the system has little moisture so not a lot of rain resulting from it. The most significant effect from the system is the lowering snow levels, which are up around 7,000’ now, but, will be lowering to 3,000 by Sunday. It will also finally break the inversion that has caused the Air Stagnation Advisory over in the valley so that will finally end this afternoon. Your weather lesson for the day, an inversion means there is an area where, instead of the temperature lowering with height which is normal, there is an area where the temperature increases with height. This warmer air is more stable than cooler air so the air below the inversion just sits there, along with the pollutants. The inversion acts as a cap holding everything down, the clouds, moisture, cooler air, and anything else there.

Anyway, there could be a light dusting in the Cascade passes later tonight and tomorrow. Elsewhere, there is another system approaching the coast but should move into California later in the weekend. This could cause some showers in our area also. After that a high pressure ridge builds in over the area again giving us partly cloudy skies for Monday and Tuesday and possible into Wednesday. The long range models show the next system moving in Thursday.

Temperatures for the period, highs in the low 50s, lows near 40 except in the mid 30s with the partly cloudy skies Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday when frost is also possible.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Nice today but a rain chance returning by Friday.

Fog developed early last night and burned off early this morning. The valley will not be so lucky, there is a Dense Fog Advisory until noon today there! We will see more sun and warmer temperatures than them for a change. This is all a result of strong high pressure that has built over the area and will help keep the valley areas cool and cloudy for most of the day. East winds will likely keep the fog away for us tomorrow but the valley will see fog again tonight into tomorrow morning. Anyone traveling to the valley thru Friday should also be aware that there is an Air Stagnation Advisory over there as well.

So, back to us, we could see an upper level disturbance approach the coast tomorrow night and affect our weather Friday with another system keeping the threat of rain with us through the weekend. For next week…another ridge is advertised which would give us some sun again for the beginning of next week though the long range models show another system for the middle of next week.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Rain possible today but warm and dry by midweek.

Was that a nice weekend or what! As for the valley, they have a Dense Fog Advisory until 10am for visibilities between ¼ to ½ mile in many areas that should be slowly lifting later this morning. Also, if you are headed down south on Hwy 101, the Waldport Bridge is still closed while the police investigate a morning shooting.

So today we have a front brushing the area as it moves to our north, the radar shows some light showers to our northwest so about a 40% chance if one affecting our area later today and tonight. If you are driving in the early morning hours, the low tonight is expected to be around 34 so be alert for black ice, especially over the higher passes.
Tomorrow high pressure builds back in so the clear skies return and much milder temperature also with highs up near 60, with the clear skies though, morning lows will still be in the 30s. The fog will continue to be a problem for the valley areas and we could have pockets of morning fog also. Things remain dry through Friday but not as warm and then the long range models start drifting off into different directions but for now the weekend looks to be cooler and wetter.