Friday, January 28, 2011

Cold front means cooler temperatures.

We have a weak cold front gradually moving east today, giving us periods of light rain. The front will pretty much stall over the area thru tomorrow but the system has little moisture so not a lot of rain resulting from it. The most significant effect from the system is the lowering snow levels, which are up around 7,000’ now, but, will be lowering to 3,000 by Sunday. It will also finally break the inversion that has caused the Air Stagnation Advisory over in the valley so that will finally end this afternoon. Your weather lesson for the day, an inversion means there is an area where, instead of the temperature lowering with height which is normal, there is an area where the temperature increases with height. This warmer air is more stable than cooler air so the air below the inversion just sits there, along with the pollutants. The inversion acts as a cap holding everything down, the clouds, moisture, cooler air, and anything else there.

Anyway, there could be a light dusting in the Cascade passes later tonight and tomorrow. Elsewhere, there is another system approaching the coast but should move into California later in the weekend. This could cause some showers in our area also. After that a high pressure ridge builds in over the area again giving us partly cloudy skies for Monday and Tuesday and possible into Wednesday. The long range models show the next system moving in Thursday.

Temperatures for the period, highs in the low 50s, lows near 40 except in the mid 30s with the partly cloudy skies Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday when frost is also possible.

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