Monday, January 3, 2011

Another nice cool and dry day for Tillamook!

Other than it being on the cold side, some really nice days to start 2011. The upper level ridge responsible for the good weather will keep us cool and dry one more day before weakening and allowing a front to affect the area starting Tuesday night. It looks like the main part of a warm front will pass us to the north so we should just see some light precipitation over the area late Tuesday into Wednesday. Given the nighttime conditions and the persistent freezing temperatures, especially above 1000-1500’, a brief period of some light sleet or freezing rain in the higher passes is not out of the question Wednesday in the early morning hours with the approaching warm front until the temperatures finally warm up after sunrise. Next, the associated cold front stalls off the coast Thursday and though there is some model disagreement, it appears it finally pushes through Friday which would leave showers for the weekend. Temperature wise, one more night of freezing nighttime temperatures, then, daytime highs 45-50 and nighttime lows 35-40 through the weekend.


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