Friday, January 7, 2011

Icy roads, snow, sleet...must be winter!

Dicey travel through the passes this weekend, and, potential for black ice is also high for lower elevations during the nighttime hours starting Saturday through the beginning of next week. A cold front is expected through the area today then we can expect lingering showers all weekend, and, the snow levels will drop, lowering to near 1000’ by Saturday afternoon, and gradually lowering through the start of next week. If you plan to travel into or through the valley this weekend, check the weather and road conditions closely before you go, there is likely to be areas of snow, sleet, freezing rain, or all three, over there somewhere, and yes, in the passes! Now this takes care of the weekend, let’s now talk about next week. The models show a strong-cold high pressure area setting up to our north which will funnel a series of cold, moist systems over our area starting Tuesday with several more passing through by Thursday. If this pans out, this could lead to a significant snow event for many folks. This is still 4-6 days out yet so…subject to change without notice but….this would mean a trace of snow on the beach, Winter Storm Warnings for the Coast Range passes, a significant snow/ice event for the valley, and Blizzard Warnings for the Cascades. I will be watching closely how this develops over the weekend.

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