Thursday, January 13, 2011

More heavy rain (flooding) possible for the weekend!

Weather issues keeping me busy. The Wilson River has already crested at 10.64’ and is currently down to 10.4 and falling. The Nehalem River at Foss is cresting right now, at 10.95. Now, that’s the good news. There is always more to the story…and that is…another wet day tomorrow then, as I mentioned in the morning report, we are expecting another strong system Saturday into Sunday. Some of the models are showing this system to be quite moist so there is a potential for us to see periods of moderate to heave rainfall from this system. As the rivers will still be relatively high from this week’s rain and snowmelt, there is still a possibility of flooding Saturday night into Monday. The National Weather Service (NWS) Portland has already issued a Hydrologic Outlook addressing the flooding potential for the weekend that would affect several rivers in Northwest Oregon and Southwest Washington, including the Nehalem and Wilson Rivers, which will likely also impact the Kilchis and Trask Rivers. Tonight’s models, and tomorrow’s, should give us a better picture. As experienced in the last storm, the models are not handling these systems as well as some of the earlier ones so hopefully tomorrow will give us a better picture of the expectations. I have a special weather briefing tomorrow afternoon with the NWS so you can expect a morning and afternoon report again tomorrow.

Keeping my finger’s crossed, see ya tomorrow….

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