Sunday, January 9, 2011

Snow likely midweek

Currently the temperatures are running around 40 for the area, with the snow level somewhere around 1000'. We can expect fewer showers this afternoon then colder air begins to slide into northwest Oregon tonight and tomorrow so we will be cooler but dry. Tuesday afternoon the chance of precipitation begins to increase and we could see low level snow Tuesday night into Wednesday morning with freezing temperatures throughout the area. This has the potential to equal the December 2008 snow event, especially over in the valley. The models are still not consistant on this event so there is still some uncertainty as to exactly where and for how long the snow will last but it is safe to say that travel in all the passes will become more difficult around midweek with low snow levels likely.

If you are traveling in or out of the area after Monday, you will want to study the roads and weather closely before you head out!


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